Ryan’s Team Wins Championship

Friday night, Ryan’s baseball team (The Rangers) played in the championship game. This was one to remember. They played a three-hour, seven-inning battle. In the 5th, they were up 10-4, but the Phillies came back and the Rangers held a slim 11-10 lead going into the 7th, and final, inning.

The Rangers were visitors, and didn’t score a run in the top of the 7th, so they needed good pitching and defense to close it out. That’s exactly what they got. The first batter hit a soft liner in between 1st and 2nd, and Ryan was able to make the catch. One down.

The second batter walked, and then stole second base easily. One out, tying run on second. He tried to steal third on the next pitch, and was gunned out by the catcher. Two down.

The next batter battled to a 2-2 count, then popped the ball up shortly down the third base line. Our catcher came out, dove, and caught the ball – an amazing final play to a wonderful season.

Ryan finished 1 for 2 with a walk and two runs scored, and the big catch in the final inning.

Here’s a little clip of the final play:

Update and Pictures

I just wanted to post an update for everyone since it’s been a while.

Ryan started 3rd grade last week. He finished up the summer by winning the 2-day (12-hole) golf tournament for his age group by 11 strokes. He’ll be playing flag football and golf this fall.

Megan started her last year at Pines Montessori. She is continuing her dance classes and is loving it.

Emily got her PHR certification earlier this summer and will be traveling to Dallas and Atlanta next month.

Ryan and I just got back from the Baylor Rugby Alumni Festival, which, of course, the alumni won easily. We had a lot of fun seeing old friends and especially seeing all the kiddos.

Our friend Gustav shouldn’t hit us too bad, but we’ll be sure to keep you all posted.

Here are a few photos and galleries for you to enjoy. I’ll have more later this week, as long as we have power.

Ryan wins 1st place at the Kingwood CC golf tourney.

Gallery: Megan (now with hair!)

Gallery: Megan modeling PJs