Updates and Upcoming

Well, I haven’t posted to the family blog in, oh, about 10 months. Many apologies there. Between work (x2), multiple other sites, and Facebook, my focus on this site has fallen off.

No more, though, as I’m consistently annoyed by Facebook’s photo management. I’m switching back to the blog with SmugMug, and will just post links to Facebook for other friends and family to see.

The most important thing to you all, I know, is photos/videos of the kids, so stay tuned for some goodness there.

* Quick Update *

All of us are doing very well.

Megan is loving Kindergarten and learning a lot, and is still dancing. Her fall recital is December 12th.

Ryan is excelling in 4th grade, doing very well in soccer and enjoying helping Dave work on his bike restoration project.

Emily is working hard, but enjoying it. She loves her yoga classes.

I am working hard as well, at both jobs, enjoying it, and growing the family business. I golf when I can, blog a little, and that’s about it. I’m speaking at another conference in a few weeks, DevLearn in San Jose.

I’ll usually highlight galleries and/or movies in a blog post, but you can also check the right sidebar links to view the latest photos and movies.