Baseball and Ballet Updates

Ryan and the Diamondbacks wrapped up the regular season with an exciting 11-10 victory last night.

They finished fourth (out of five teams) in the National League. Playoffs begin Saturday, a double-elimination tournament.


Megan had her last dance class of the season today, and received a trophy. Their recital is Friday night, so keep an eye out here for photos/video.


Sorry about the lack of photos and video. I’ve been a slacker. I hope to play catch up now that rugby is over and baseball is winding down…

Ryan Baseball Update

So far, the D-Backs are 1-1-1. They won the first game, then tied in a crazy extra-inning game, 21-21. They lost pretty bad to the Rockies this last weekend, and play the Braves tomorrow night. Ryan has been making good contact and has even played catcher a couple times.

Here are some pictures one of the moms on the team took. I’ll be adding more soon.

USS Lexington Trip

Most of you know Ryan and I went to the USS Lexington in February for a Cub Scout trip. We had a really good time. We got to spend the night in the bunks on the ship, and there were several activities and plenty of time to tour this massive ship.

On the way home, we made an impromptu trip up the beach on Mustang Island, where you can drive on the beach. We ended up in our swim trunks playing a little rugby and football in the chilly gulf. Afterwards, we were behind this couple in a cool three-wheeler. When they stopped, I asked if I could take Ryan’s picture beside it, and the guy took Ryan for a spin around the parking lot – very cool.

It was a great trip for both of us.

Check out my pictures here. Ryan will post his sometime this weekend.