Ryan Baseball Update

So far, the D-Backs are 1-1-1. They won the first game, then tied in a crazy extra-inning game, 21-21. They lost pretty bad to the Rockies this last weekend, and play the Braves tomorrow night. Ryan has been making good contact and has even played catcher a couple times.

Here are some pictures one of the moms on the team took. I’ll be adding more soon.

Alumni Festival

We made the trek to Waco again this past weekend for the annual Baylor Rugby Alumni Festival. We had a lot of fun. Took the kids to the Dr. Pepper Musuem (Emily and I’s first trip there too!). Megan was preoccupied by her new friend Luke all weekend.

I scored two tries and a conversion in a nice win for the old boys.

It’s Labor Day weekend every year – a fun time to be had by all if you’re ever in the neighborhood.


The Races!

On Sunday we made the now annual trek down the road for the NHRA Spring Nationals. We almost got rained out, but it cleared out early enough for them to dry off the track and get started.

This is the second trip for Ryan and I – it’s a lot of fun. Ryan got a few autographs, and one of Tim Wilkerson’s crew even gave him a piston from the car. He was pretty pumped. I’ll have a couple videos up soon.